Live. Laugh. Tacos. The perfect description for this Brooklyn headshot session.
When one of your best friends calls you up to ask you to grab tacos and walk around his favorite spot in Brooklyn because he needs new head shots, you say yes!

Everyone  meet Domanick (Dom as he is known by many). Not only is he a wonderful performer, but he is a wonderful friend to have in your circle of people. Whether you need someone to vent to, spend chill time with, or hit the town with no plans for the night, Dom is your go to guy. Time spent with Dom will guarantee you good vibes and lots of laughs, and that is certainly what this session was!

We met at this adorable place on the water in Domino Park called Tacocina. As two Texans in the city, we LOVE when we can find good tacos! It was cloudy out, but no rain, and the weather was cool but not too cold for March in the city. We ate and chatted over tacos then walked around the area before heading back to his place for some rooftop photos. Capturing his essence in a place that makes him so happy is exactly what he wanted for his new headshots, so that is what we did! And let me tell you, a day full of laughing together was good for both our souls. 🙂

Headshots | Brooklyn, New York | Domanick Hubbard

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