The Day Of… It was about 3:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday in early October. The weather was nice and sunny, as I walked out of the subway station and made my way down 54th, across Broadway, to Feinsteins 54 Below. I entered the building, rode the elevator up to join the cast and […]

This spring I was in the city for a quick weekend, and ended up with an open afternoon. So I called up one of my former students (he was Mr. Mistoffeles in CATS and was absolutely stunning) and said “want to meet me in Central Park for a dance shoot?!” He said yes, and brought […]

Live. Laugh. Tacos. The perfect description for this Brooklyn headshot session. When one of your best friends calls you up to ask you to grab tacos and walk around his favorite spot in Brooklyn because he needs new head shots, you say yes! Everyone¬† meet Domanick (Dom as he is known by many). Not only […]