Engagement session are fun because they are so full of love. It’s the beginning of a new chapter between two people committing to starting their lives together. Liz + Alex are two people that are the perfect example of love between two people. They are always communicating, supporting and challenging each other, but most importantly you can always tell how much they love one another by the constant sparkle in their eyes and smiles on their faces.

Leading up to this session, we were a bit nervous the weather would be plotting against us. Summers in Texas are HOT, and while this summer hadn’t been the worst we’ve seen, the weather had climbed by mid-August, and a storm would be rolling in any day now. Lucky for us, this Saturday evening turned out to be the right amount of cloudy, though the humidity was certainly trying to get at us! However, these two were such troupers (specifically Alex in his pants and sport coat!), and their constant smiles and giggles did not fail.

Alex + Liz, thank you for the years of friendship, but most importantly for trusting me to capture the love between you as you begin to step into this next chapter of your lives together.
Here are some highlights from our stroll around downtown!

Liz + Alex | Downtown Fort Worth, TX

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