Meet Taylor and Michael, one of the sweetest, most amazing couples, who had a crazy start, and finish, to their engagement session in Central Park.

Central Park Engagement

The morning started cloudy and overcast, and a little humid, but overall a nice morning in May in New York. I arrived at Bethesda Terrace in Central Park around 8:20am, ready for a two hour styled shoot I had signed up for months before. As I arrived and introduced myself to the other photographers, and videographer, who were also part of the styled shoot. It wasn’t long before one of the photographers and I were approached by a kind stranger, and asked if one of us was the photographer she was looking for.

After saying no, so sorry, and engaging in conversation, we quickly learned that her and her fiancĂ© had arrived in Central Park for a 7:30am shoot with their wedding photographer, who had since stopped responding and left them photographer-less in a strange city. They had driven five hours from Pennsylvania for a shoot with her in a location she chose, and they had no idea what to do. After a few moments we offered to shoot for them if they didn’t mind sticking around for two hours for us to complete our shoot, and man am I glad they agreed!

Taylor and Michael were not only so sweet and wonderful to meet, but they were so lovely to get to know. As we all moved about through the Bethesda Terrace area, they shared their story with us as they continued to giggle and smile, their love for each other radiating in every move that they made.

Thank You

While their day went from excited, to stressed, they were able to leave the park knowing they would receive 6 galleries, as well as videography from their engagement shoot, when they had only planned on receiving one. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of turning their day around, and contribute to the memories of a day they are sure to never forget.

Taylor and Michael, thank you for being brave enough to walk up to a huge group of photographers, then stick around so we could lead you through the park as a group, photographing your love for each other. You were as much of a blessing to us as we may have been to you, and I wish you all the best in your future together as husband and wife

Central Park Engagement | Taylor + Michael

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