One of my very best, and longest, friends growing up (I’m talking 25 years and counting!) gave birth to this sweet baby girl in April of 2021 and I could not have been more excited to meet her! I had the privilege of meeting her at just 5 hours old (that’s right), and let me tell you, this girl is her mom, dad, and personal spitfire personality all perfectly rolled into one beautiful human.

Rory Elizabeth Rios was born at 4:20 on April 10,2021 at 8lbs 4oz. The most perfect blend of both her mommy and daddy, she certainly arrived into the world expressive! With her dads glistening eyes and contagious smile, she has a lineup of expressions, ready to dictate her every emotion, just like her momma!

Our in home session together felt right at home, with Abuela Rosie ready to jump at any of our needs, the Rios fur baby (Louie) needing to be center of attention, yet concerned about this new tiny human in the house, and Shannon, Stephen and I giggling as Rory refused to sleep or lay still for any photos. She needed to know where her parents where and take in everything that was going on – at all times! Rory is certainly a bright light in the Bull-Rios family.

Shannon and Stephen – Thank you for trusting me so dearly with capturing these moments for you to treasure for years to come. I’m so blessed to get to watch Rory grow up and can’t wait to see how her personality continues to grow and bloom!

Rory Elizabeth Rios | Fort Worth, TX

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