What more could you ask for than a photo session at the zoo?!

We had so much fun on this day celebrating Jace with his family and friends as we explored the Queens Zoo! First of all, I wasn’t even aware there was a zoo in Queens until they asked me to tag along. If you haven’t been, and you’re a friend of the animals, it is certainly worth a visit!

Jace is certainly a kid that thinks deeply about his surroundings and how he wants to interact with them. A large portion of this party day was spent with Jace carefully observing the animals in their exhibits. And then….we got to the petting zoo. Y’all, this kid had SO much fun getting eye to eye with the ducks and goats, feeding them and interacting with them when they would come up to the edge to check out all the people.

Remy, thank you so much for asking me along to capture some special, precious moments of Jace on his birthday!! It felt so special to be part of the family on this day, and capture Jace in this element.

Enjoy some highlights from this little man’s big day. And peep that smolder. He might have a modeling career in his future…what do ya think?!


Jace’s 1st Birthday: Queens Zoo

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