Meet Henry Cawood. It’s his Senior year in high school, and let me tell you: this young man is one of the most gifted creative artists I’ve had the privilege of knowing. And it was an honor to shoot his senior session in Cleburne, TX.

Cleburne, TX Senior Session

I first met Henry when I was brought on to Choreograph Cats the Musical at a small community theatre in Hurst, TX. He was assisting his mom with costumes, and all I heard about through our first couple of meetings was how amazing Henry was. How creative, and smart, and bright and kind this human was ( I think he was only 14 at the time!). Now I never had any doubts that he was amazing. Young people amaze me all the time. But what no one told me was that Henry is not just amazing, but when it comes to creating costumes – he is a mastermind.

Henry is a joy to watch on the stage as a performer, but he also creates magic with some fabric and a needle. He can create costumes from scratch – no patterns needed. He does his homework to educate himself on all the details he can deem necessary to help do his part in making an audience feel completely emerged in a world separate from our own, and then he will go a step further. His creative mind never stops. He is so driven and hard working that he often lacks more sleep than full time working adults, and he does it all with the biggest smile on his face, because his passion for his work in unscalable.

While his university of choice is not quite solidified at this point, the feedback he has received from the heads of departments at the schools he has interviewed with have been more than blown away, and as exciting as this is, I am not the least bit surprised.

Thank You

Henry – thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life! It has been such a privilege to work with you as part of a creative team, as well as get to choreograph you, teach you, and just spend time getting to know you. You are truly remarkable and I can not wait to see how you take college, the theatre industry, and any other avenue you might choose by storm!

Want to know more about Henry and follow him on his journey?! You can do so here.

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Senior Session | Cleburne, TX | Henry Caywood

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