I was recently asked to do a re-branding shoot with an organization in Astoria, Queens called Social Work Counseling Services, and man, did we have a great afternoon!My dear friend Elisa has worked with Social Work Counseling Services for a few years, and always speaks of how much she loves her job there, and all the women who work in building, so I knew I would be in for a good time. 

Social Work Counseling Services includes a team of strong, positive, kind, fun women who strive to uphold the mission of providing quality psychotherapy services to all individuals and families. This team of women, and the work they do, are inspiring, as they constantly strive to help people take steps towards becoming a stronger version of themselves, and engage in their community. I wanted to capture their essence in photographs that would refelct how warm and inviting they are, as counseling of any kind can feel a bit intimidating to some.

We started with fresh headshots as the ladies trickled in, then moved to do some candids around the office, and eventually moved outside for a few shots of the women in the neighborhood. By the time we were circling back to the office to wrap things up, the laughs and smiles were so continuous, it was hard for me to not smile and laugh along with them! These ladies certainly know how to enjoy each others company!

Social Work Counseling Services: Re-Branding Shoot | Astoria, Queens

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